Interstate 60 is a interstate highway that runs through the west valley, its the main interstate highway in the north coast, it runs through the us states of california, pennbrook, and new michoacan, it alsos runs the the small nation of verde, the highway begins in Eureka, California then ends in Alanville, Pennbrook, it runs through big cities like Eureka, and San Antonio.

Interstate 60
Route information
Length: 1.54 mi[[|[1]]] (4,666.36 km)
Existed: 2012 – present
Major junctions
south end: I-480 in Eureka

I-160 in San Antonio

I-260 in Pennbrook City

I-360 in Pennbrook City

I-460 in Foxford

North end:

I-999 in Alanville
Highway system

Main route of the Interstate Highway System MainAuxiliaryBusiness

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